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Category - Blog

Pre-emptive World Cup Headlines…

It’s nearly here! So here is my prophetic story of the World Cup journey, and my prediction on how our boys will fare – through the narrative device of terrible tabloid puns. #preemptiveworldcupheadlines Build-up ‘Foster went to Gloucester’: Reserve keeper misses plane to Brazil after losing satnav. ‘I thought I’d said “Stones”’: Roy confused to…

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Rubbish Fight Club…

Living in Moss Side is great. When we first moved here, I was, I confess, slightly concerned by all the rumours of gang violence associated with the area. The estate agent had told us that ‘the gangs only attack other gangs’, which was meant to sound reassuring but only unnerved me further. I mean, how…

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Round the Twist

Firstly, I apologise to all those of you who are now humming against your will the theme tune to that bizarre late 80’s tv programme. The following takes place between 10am and 11am of a few weeks ago on a Saturday or something. Recently, I met up with some friends from Uni. It’s been over…

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You probably won’t know this – I try to be discreet with illness – but I spent last weekend in bed. Not in a John and Yoko ‘we’ll keep doing this until everyone agrees how depressing and weird we are’ way. More in a man-flu way. I say man-flu, but it might well be a…

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